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Things You Can Ask During a Medium Session

Preparing to Talk With the Departed

Medium sessions can be highly powerful tools to heal unclosed wounds, understand things from your family’s past, or gain tranquility about a matter that was not timely discussed with a deceased acquaintance. However, people who never have experienced spiritual contact with deceased family members or friends can feel lost about the information they can recover during a spectral communication session. These are some things you can consider asking in your upcoming seance:

Details From the Past

If you are interested in reconstructing your family history or learning new things about your ancestors, you can ask for details about the past when contacting your deceased loved ones. Though a medium cannot say which spirit will answer your calls, if you have a clear idea of the type of information you are looking for, they can guide the session to try to explore those topics with the responding spirits.

Signs of Reconciliation

Conversations between the living and the dead are complex and not as straightforward as everyday communication. Therefore, both you and your medium have to be very attentive to all the signs spirits may use to convey a message. If you were on bad terms with a dead person but now you are trying to close that chapter and be in peace, the spirit of the person in question may agree. Ask them about the unresolved issue and their feelings for you. If they are looking for peace, they will likely answer.

Wishes and Messages From the Afterlife

Seances are not only about what you want to ask your friends and family in the spirit world but also about things they may want to say to you. You need to be open to listening to their messages and wishes for you. You can even ask them for advice on something that is bothering you or their opinion on your latest decisions.

Now that you know that seances allow you to explore many subjects to get to know yourself and your ancestors better, you are ready to book an appointment with your trusted psychic. If you live in Costa Mesa, CA, don’t hesitate to turn to Psychic Readings By Elizabeth. We will be honored to guide your session! Dial (949) 323-8321 today!